High Fives


We gratefully acknowledge the blessing of Almighty God as the source of law and liberty. We ask for His guidance as we seek to restore American government to its moral and constitutional foundations.


Statement of Principles

1. We believe that man’s rights flow from the Creator and the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable and cannot be legitimately granted or rescinded by men. We believe that America is an exceptional nation, founded on the Biblical and Anglo-Saxon common law principles of life, liberty, property rights, hard work, pursuit of happiness, and personal responsibility and accountability.


2. We believe the federal government exists to preserve life, liberty, and property, and is instituted to protect the rights of individuals according to natural law.  We believe in the power of the individual over the power of the state. We believe that only small government truly serves the needs of the people


3. We believe that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and enumerated powers should be interpreted as handed down by the Founding Fathers.


4. We understand that the concept of self-government begins with governing one’s self first, then family, church, community, state, and nation.

5. We believe in the free enterprise system as the best hope for men and women to fulfill their economic hopes and dreams. We know that the free market is the most efficient and the least costly system to deliver the highest quality goods and services at the lowest price to the consumer.

6. We believe in the rights of parents to a quality education for their children and support parental choice to create competition among the schools and method of education. We must ensure that no entity can compromise the education of our children or advance a particular political agenda at the expense of our future generation’s education.

7. We believe in growth-oriented tax policies which would gradually eliminate punitive income taxes and move our tax system toward that originally established by our Founding Fathers. We believe that the federal deficit and debt must not place unreasonable financial burdens on future generations and tax policies should raise only the minimum revenue necessary to fund constitutionally appropriate functions of government.

8. We believe in self-government of nations and that our Government’s first concern is the protection of the natural rights of the American people and their sovereign right to rule themselves without deference to any foreign or international body.

9. We believe that justice requires an efficient, fair and effective criminal justice system-one that gives defendants adequate due process and requires an appropriate degree of criminal intent to merit punishment.

10. We believe that America is strongest when our policies protect our national interests, preserve our alliances of free peoples, and vigorously counter threats to our security-with a defense policy strong and resourced sufficient to permit this and to ensure peace.


We therefore present this platform to the people of Manatee and Sarasota Counties, Florida and the United States.  

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